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Fidelity Investments Review: Is Fidelity Investments LTD Legit Or Scam?. Have you been under scam before on Bitcoin mining? Well Fidelity investments LTD seems not to be legit. However, in this review,we will make understand why we do not support them

Fidelity investments LTD

Fidelity Investments Review

Fidelity investment LTD is a platform that claim to be mining Bitcoin and paying their investors in a very high percentage.
Therefore, Have you tried investing with them. More-so see user who testify positively?. After invesing, you will find out that you can’t withdraw your funds after your investment is complete. This means that the platform is a scam platform and this platform was not registered in any organization and the founders are not known. Therefore, they are not legit to invest with.
Fidelity investment LTD was founded on 2021 which shows you that the company has no reviews and it is not legit to invest with.
If you have invested with them or have been scammed on any platform that claim to be mining Bitcoin then this massage is for you…..


Fidelity investments LTD is just a scam company that was designed by unknown people who have been scamming people through Bitcoin.
However, this platform will just operate for some times and when they have as much clients as they wish then they will Fold up and make away with people’s money
There website is not legit and not to be trusted so do not invest with them if you don’t want to lose your funds


Fidelity investments LTD is not legit from our investigation. However checking everything during our review, we find it that they do not have the ability of mining Bitcoin. Therefore they are full of lies but yet people fall victim because of greedy.
We gather information through people’s reviews and then carry out our own investigation before we can conclude on any fake platform. More-so ensure to report any scam platform through comment so that others can avoid being such company .
If you wish to start investing, you can invest with minehashes is the platform is legit and you will not have any difficulty in withdrawing your funds.
The platform is legit and have been in existence since 2017.

Plans And Packages

The fidelity investments platform offer 3 type investment opportunity to users.


1.5% Daily

Minimum Invest : $200

MaximumInvest : $4,999

Duration : 8 Days
Cumulative : 12.00%
24/7 Support

Fidelity  Investments Silver Plan 

3.5% Daily
Minimum Invest : $5,000
Maximum Invest : $9,999
Duration : 14 Days
Cumulative : 49.00%
24/7 Support

5.5% Daily
Minimum Invest : $10,000
Maximum Invest : unlimited
Duration : 10 Days
Cumulative : 55.00%
24/7 Support


Fidelity investments does not offer good customer support. No live chat and no phone call, but just contact page.
Are you having issue with such platforms without customers support. Especially when you find it difficult to withdraw your funds. These are mostly the scam company that are making away with people’s funds.
They only have page and groups on social media
They are all scam and will make away with your money if you invest with them. Instead invest with minehashes.


Finally we have come to conclude our fidelity  investments review by telling you that all the platform that claims to be mining Bitcoin without been registration by government are mostly scam and you must avoid them.
Especially those that have no live support.
If you have already registered or you are already investing with such companies do quick to withdraw your funds as the platform will fold up soon or later.
Start with other platforms like heshfine as the platform is legit and easy to use and our eye is always on these scam platform as we will always update you on how they scam people.
Therefore You can make your choice today and end the chance of being  fidelity investments scam victim again and again. Learn how to get started with forex trading.



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