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Any miner who says you can’t get good returns because of the dip either is not a good miner. Or lacks the qualities of a genuine mining firm. And any miner who promises unreasonable returns on your investments is not a genuine one too. Be careful when dealing with such firms and totally avoid them. There are profitable mining firms with good equipments like minehashes. We highly recommend them for your good mining experience.
However, read through this QuickBTC review. And other reviews by us for more information. also read minehashes Review



QuickBTC mining company was founded in 2022 by group of bitcoin miners. It is a cloud mining company established by group of claimed professionals.

QuickBTC Review is an entirely automated cloud mining program running without human interruption. Apart from routine server maintenance done by our extremely trained engineers.
Their mining farm is situated in multiple data centre locations worldwide.

With high-speed mining and up to 100% uptime. However, you should join trusted, transparent and highly secure cloud mining service to maximize your profit. QuickBTC bitcoin mining keeps appearing as a popular mining website for cryptocurrency.

The company is gaining its popularity through it’s claim of mining more than one cryptocurrency. However, in the website it’s not obvious how long they have been in operation. The owners and the location is also not well stated.

Moreover, on the website it’s certificate of authenticity is not uploaded for verification by an investor. Not to put a disclaimer to their offers. However, we’re simply pointing out things to look out for as a new investor.


Quick BTC mining claims to offer flexible pricing plans. Well we have checked and the plans available is not bad. But we must invest with caution. And we advise new users to do same. Their plans include micro, mega, giga and tera plan.

Micro: This is the lowest account size with 0.005 /BTC. However, the daily profit is 0.00360 BTC/Day and 0.00000250 BTC/Minute. The mining firm pays 30 % affiliate bonus.

Mega: This QuickBTC plan comes with minimum deposit of 0.05 /BTC. However, with 0.00002100 BTC/Minute and 0.03024 BTC/Day. More-so you earn 40 % affiliate bonus.

Giga: The minimum deposit on plan is 0.3 /BTC and profit of 0.00021000 BTC/Minute. This gives you 0.30240 BTC/Day and 50 % affiliate bonus.

Tera: This is the highest account types with 2.5 /BTC minimum deposit. In this account, you earn 0.00126000 BTC/Minute and 1.8 BTC/Day. And 100 % affiliate bonus. Start mining bitcoin and get profit with daily payout.



QuickBTC cloud mining company is not legit for now. Therefore, we have reasons to report the platform as scam. Moreover, in their platform you don’t have to signup before you start investing.

They equally claim that you don’t have to pay charge fees. And users should look out here. In other words, when you receive your profits then you will pay the charges. Which is 0.0001 BTC.

This is another proof that QuickBTC mining is scam. Therefore, we are 100% sure that this platform will not continue to serve you better. The QuickBTC site is still new.

And have turned out to be scam after paying the first investors. However, for now QuickBTC is not paying her investors. The website is new from unknow persons and has no location. Therefore, go for minehashes, a tested way to increase your bitcoin. Most importantly,

you are investing with bitcoin at QuickBTC and any mess connot be traced. However, we have no trust on them even as they offer low minimum contracts. Read our viabtc review for informations on the best profitable firms to mine with.


QuickBTC cloud mining is an online bitcoin mining site. With the promise to create more bitcoin faster than other mining sites. For you to start investing with QuickBTC, you dont have to signup an account. You will just have to deposit a minimum of 0.005 BTC and you start earning.  To withdraw your profit you must add your bitcoin or ethereum wallet address. After which it’s verified you can withdraw. To avoid risking your hard earned money, start mining with minehashes. They are reliable and highly recommended by us.  Is QuickBTC legit find out by reading Review


In the process of our QuickBTC review, we visited their website. And found out they offer no livechat support. More-so they have an address but, that doesn’t quite locate them. Therefore, QuickBTC mining offer customer support via email phone and contact page. To get in touch with them, write to this email Moreover, you can contact+1(877)299-6025. Visit Malthouse Road, Nine Elms, London, United Kingdom SW8 5DD. See why you should avoid miningstar and viabtc mining sites.



Finally we will conclude our QuickBTC mining review by telling you to avoid them. The platform is fake and can never help you succeed. Start investing with minehashes and avoid scam. Just like the name appears. QuickBTC mining is fake mining firm that will collect from you. And never pay back. Be careful with any free and quick investment platform. They are most likely not going to help you succeed. Think twice about daily profit being bigger than investment, that’s much. Thus, if you enter such investment platform, you might lose everything you have. Start mining now. And don’t forget to like our post, comment and share. This Review have already made it clear that QuickBTC is not legit

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