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Prohashing cloud mining review. Bitcoin mining is a lucrative business. However, users have to be careful while venturing into it. This is because the platform can also be an opportunity for fraudulent activities. Prohashing Review
Therefore, we are here to give users insights on the best firms to mine with. We review mining companies to the best of our knowledge. Hoping to guide users to get the best mining experience. We have reviewed a lot of firms in the past. Moreover, you might want to take a look at them for more informations. Click our links to look up the best profitable mining companies. Check out minehashes and see why we recommend them to investors. Read offchain mining Review before you fall victim of scam


Introduction and background review:

Prohashing was establishe in December 2013 from a group of professionals. Who claims to have masters degrees in engineering. But the platform was officially launched in august 2014.
Prohashing claim to provide users with a mining pool that is stable. Easy to use and transparent.
However, they also provide charts and tools to help users make good decisions. Basically to maximize their profits.

Prohashing cloud mining services:

Prohashing bitcoin mining manage all transactions with honesty. Transparency and integrity.
Moreover, they provide a handful of services to suit users needs.
17 algorithms is supported by them. And they have 232 enable crypto coins for different needs of users.
However, amongst these, they have 68 mineable crypto coins for users. With about 790 blocks available.
They also have about 13 thousand employees connected. This is quite impressive because it means good profits for their users.
More so, you can mine with their proprietary proswitching algorithm. This is for simple and constant earnings.

Prohashing cloud mining security and support system:

The security of users is the foremost for any good mining firm.
No user wants to risk investing with an insecure firm. Therefore, insecurity is a red flag for any reasonable investor.

However, Prohashing bitcoin mining claims to provide a safe and transparent platform. They also provide live hours of support according to them. From 1pm to 5pm eastern time, daily. Including weekends and holidays.

During the live hours, a support representative is available to immediately answer calls and respond to tickets.

Is Prohashing legit?

After careful review of this platform, it is our humble opinion that Prohashing mining is not very legit. And not 100% secure for its customers. In addition it is not easy to access them. And doesn’t provide a very conducive platform for individuals to explore and trade huge sums.

It’s not recommend for new traders for its lack of wide range informations about trading cryptocurrencies.
Prohashing cloud mining have not established a strong foundation from which it would be well positioned to deliver future growth.

This is evident in their lack of a 24/7 customer support system. And this is unlike a good mining firm like minehashes. Which provides its users with a 24/7 customer support as it should be.

Moreover, prohashing mining illegitimacy is also evident from their lack of strong security system. Which ordinarily  should be most important for a financial platform built to handle funds for customers.


We like to remind you that the online space is full of ads promising easy money. This can be really tempting to customers most times. And we perfectly understand that. Although they sound convincing, sometimes they’re not.
However, we urge newbies to invest with minehahses. They are highly recommended by us.
We don’t advise beginners to go for prohashing mining. We urge users who are profit oriente to abstain from them.
The platform is not secure. And as such, customers investment is not adequately protected.


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