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Cryptocurrency mining will always be a good alternative to make extra funds. Its even a full-time job for various individuals.
However, one should do this with caution. And with a lot of research. This is to avoid falling victim to sharp practices. Always read reviews that will provide good insights about the firm you want to mine with. This review will help you.

Introduction and background review: is a cloud mining firm that was founded in 2020. By unknown group that claim to help you make money without stress. However, is a technologically advanced infrastructure company specializing in cryptocurrency mining. However, their activity is to provide the user with professional service of hosting mining equipments. With a choice of cryptocurrency and daily profit for customers. bitcoin mining is advertised as a cloud mining platform. But it’s actually not. Essentially, it’s just a malicious HYIP programme. And we can tell it for two particular reasons. Firstly they claim to provide TRX mining, which is technically impossible. Tron is proof-of-stake crypto, they don’t mine tron. The other reason suggesting a scam is the highly unrealistic profitability. No one can earn a guarantee 3% per day from mining. is not reliable so stay away from them. Or you can invest and lose the little you have

Customer support customer support:

A good support system is very important in every business. More-so, it shows if the platform is legit or just a scam. While we try to confirm this, we could not find a support service agent on the platform. There’s no livechat and no phone number to contact them. To contact them, you must visit the official website and use contact information. However, everything about this platform is built on lies.

Windmine Address and Contacts:

Address: No Phone number: No
Windmine’s contact information is unsurprisingly missing. Proving how shady the so-called mining service actually is! The lack of transparency is evident. And this triggers a major red flag, further proving that is most likely a scam.
Transparency is essential when it comes to investing. This is because you should always know who is making the investment, in your name and where your money really is. Legit businesses always operate transparently.
And however, are required by law to provide the public with their basic corporate information – addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, legal documentation outlining service provisions and so forth. It’s very likely that you are dealing with scammers if you cannot independently verify the contact information given.
And it’s even a more treacherous sign if you come across an entity that doesn’t even provide these crucial details.  Review will help you make a good mining choice

Is legit?

We must verify if is legit or just a scam. Thus we will conclude and verify the platform if possible recommend. Therefore, looking at the mining firm, we can say that it’s not legit. The reason is, they are new and have no location and owner. If you check the user dashboard it’s not different from others that scam. More-so, we can testify against them from the past experience. Thus, if they last for one year, we can recommend. If you want to start investing, please go for reliable mining firms. However, we recommend


Finally we will conclude our platform review by telling you to avoid them.  The platform is not legit and reliable. Before getting involved in cloud mining, you should do your research thoroughly. You should select a site with a high reputation and many happy users. The site should also offer a variety of investment packages that suit your passive income goals. Simply fill out the registration form online, and the site will contact you with details. You can then select the cloud mining contract that best suits your needs. The profit rate of your investment depends on the profitability of the hash rate. Read cudominer Review. Don’t forget to like and comment.

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