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Tophminers review. Cryptocurrency mining is a lucrative platform. Where users can earn good money from their individual investments. From the comfort of their homes. However, one should be careful not fall victim to fraud. This is in issue because a lot of firms hold themselves out to be legit. But in truth they’re not. We write reviews to guide users to the best firms. Minehashes is highly recommended by us. Especially to new users. Read other reviews by us for the best mining informations.


Introduction and background review:

Tophminers is a cloud mining firm that was established in 2021. It uses a global mining network to improve user experience. However, their presentation is a bit ignorant.

This is because Crypto is already commonplace- anyone can buy Crypto with little to no effect. However, particular aspects of Tophminers wave red flags. And we will discuss the most important ones. Firstly, the advertised profitability is highly suspicious-10% daily, which is a rate you cannot achieve.

Notwithstanding your technical equipment. One cannot make 10% from mining, and that’s an indisputable fact. Also it’s apparent that Tophminers products and services are not trustworthy. However, the inflated profitability shows that Tophminers is just a HYIP, so quite naturally. It’s also suspected as scam. When we talk of HYIPs it’s unregulated investment schemes offering questionable opportunities.

And this is to put it mildly. Therefore, Tophminers ROI is just too good to consider reliable. At times, customers are reassured that they can make 100% or more pay a day. Which is a lie and is not even possible to make that kind profit in a day. Even the largest investment funds can’t secure more than 10% per year, let alone per day or weeks. Their is burg in profit and in some other places.

This mining firm might pay the first people and end up scamming others that don’t know much about cryptocurrency investment. However, stay away from them. Or invest the little you can afford to lose.

Plans and Package


Tophminers first plan: this is the smallest plan in the platform. It has a minimum of $500. However, this contract purchase a ASIC 256-SHA. The daily payout on this plan is $10 and last for 5 days. With 2 % Referral bonus

Tophminers Antminer plan: this is the second package, it has a minimum contract of $7000. This gives you a number of hashes up to 375TH/s. However, you will make $250 10 days. With 2% Referral bonus.

Tophminers Avalonminer: This is the third package, it has a minimum $30,000. This gives you a number of hashes up to 3750 TH/s. However, you will make 1650 daily payout and it last for 21 days. With 3% Referral bonus.

Tophminers whatsminer: This is the fourth package, it has a minimum contract of $100,000. This gives you a number of hashes up to 5000 TH/s. However, you will make $10,000 daily payout and last for 30 days. With 5% Referral bonus.

Tophminers Review Address and Contacts

Address:d749 Alene Stravenue*Thessaly and Central Greece, Regional Unit of Magnesia, Rigas Feraios Municipality, Greece, GRPhone
Tophminers’ contact information is false, and it triggers a major red flag.

We should also acknowledge the lack of transparency (as you probably guess, Tophminers’ real location remains concealed), which is also evidence of a scam!
Transparency is essential when it comes to investing because you should always know who is making the investment in your name and where your money really is.

Legit businesses always operate transparently and are required by law to provide the public with their basic corporate information – addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, legal documentation outlining services provisions and so forth. It’s very likely that you are dealing with scammers if you cannot independently verify the contact information given.

And it’s even a more treacherous sign if you come across an entity that doesn’t even provide these crucial details. However, this information they provide here is not enough for us to trust them.

Is Tophminers legit?

Tophminers cloud mining is not legit for now. Today, we might have reasons to report the platform as scam. Therefore, we are 100% sure that this platform is scam.

Therefore, we’re 100% sure that this platform will not continue to serve you better. Tophminers cloud mining site is still very new and have turned out to be a scam. After paying the first investors. However, for now Tophminers is not paying their investors.

Once you invest in the website they will stop responding to their livechat. If you are interested in mining bitcoin with Tophminers bitcoin mining then again, think twice. Remember, the website is new from unknown persons and has no physical location.

Therefore, go for a tested way to increase your bitcoin than Tophminers cloud mining. And any mess connot be traced. However, we have no trust on them even as they offer low minimum contract. Read cudominer review for more information.


Tophminers  Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our Tophminers cloud mining review by telling you to open account with good mining site. The Tophminers bitcoin mining is not legit and reliable to mine bitcoin. They don’t respond to their customers support. They get more telling you that users can make additional profit by referring a friend. Tophminers mining is not legit and not for you to invest your hard earned money. Stay away from them or invest the little you can afford to lose. Don’t read and cryptoliy Review for more information

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