Do you want to invest in But don’t know what to expect. Is legit or scam?
Are you guaranteed of making profits with
Every investor needs answers to these questions. Before investing in any cloud mining platform.
However, pro investors are careful not to fall victim to fraudulent cloud mining platforms. Our reviews help inform users about the best platforms to make profit.

Therefore, before the end of this review. We will find out if is legit or scam.

WHAT INVESTING IN SUMMIT MINING IS ALL ABOUT cloud mining was launched in 2019. And claims to have had positive returns ever since.
However, unlike the regular cloud mining platforms, summit mining don’t sell hash rates. Or rent mining machines to users. However, they have a peculiar way of running their investments. purchases a cloud mining machine once every month. And they make this purchase with the lump sum of their customers investments. Basically, customers own the machines. Thus, they get to keep a residual part of their initial investment.

Afterwards, they install the machine and make profits off them. Which is then shared with all their customers. According to or in proportion to each customers investment. also claim to get paid on the profits they make. Therefore, this implies if there’s no profit then no pay for them.

How to start mining:

Mining with is easy. All you have to do is create an account. Then proceed to make your deposit. But the deposit is done after a mandatory verification of your identity.
However, the minimum deposit is €2000. Thus, we consider this to be a shortcoming to this mining platform.

Their minimum deposit might be quite expensive for some users. More so, we do not encourage beginners to make this sort of investment. It’s outrageous and not advisable.
Customers are advised to invest the little they can afford to lose.
In other word, if you’re looking for a profitable platform to invest. Then especially for beginners, you should mine with They are highly recommended by us. For their unshakable security and numerous testimonies from users across the world.
Therefore, you should read our elite mining review. For more insights on the best cloud mining firms. customers security consists of a team of experts. Who ensure users are not subjected to mistakes associated with beginners. Thereby securing their investments and ensuring regular profits.

However, if a month is not profitable. Then the machines are disconnected immediately. So customers don’t lose their investment. also claim to be all about transparency. Therefore, customers are carried along throughout the investment cycle. Moreover, this is achieved by monthly 40 page management report. This report explains and answers in details every users questions.

Is legit?

At the point of this review and our investigations. We couldn’t recommend summit mining to be legit. We are still keeping an eye on them to verify if truly summit mining is a legit platform. Who has the interest of their users at heart.

However, any user who can afford to invest their minimum deposit can do that. But the customer does this to his own detriment.

We don’t think is legit. Therefore, we will keep an eye on them. However, we will not hesitate to inform you of our findings.

Customer support maintain a good support system.
Therefore, users can get in touch with them via social media. Ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

However, they don’t have a live chat. And we perceive this also as a shortcoming. A good cloud mining firm ought to have a live chat system. Often times, users may encounter problems while using a platform. And a good live chat system helps keep them secure. And makes communication easy for them.


We will like to conclude this review. By urging you not to invest with them yet.
If you’re looking for a profitable platform to invest in. Then is the right stop for you. They have been tested and trusted by us.
Also note that we only review mining platforms. And cannot provide ultimate assurance that a particular platform is legit. Or to be trust.
However, we conduct proper investigation before we make recommendations.
Also read our reviews for more information. And don’t forget to like and comment.

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