9452.com review: What is 9452.com? Is 9452.com legit? Is 9452.com a secure platform to invest with?
Many users fall victim to cloud mining scams. However, this is because they are not well informed. Or may be misinformed.
It’s not news that many cloud mining platforms hold themselves out to be legit. But in fact they’re not.

Therefore, the only way to be informed about cloud mining is by reading reviews. Accordingly, we help users avoid falling victim to fraudulent cloud mining platforms. By reviewing these cloud mining firms.

Hence, we urge users to read our reviews carefully. To avoid being swindled by these fraudsters. Read our Sazmining review for more information. On the best cloud mining firms to invest with.

Moreover, at the end of this 9452.com review. Users will know what it’s all about. And make their choice to buy a hash rate with them or not.


Introduction to 9452.com cloud mining

9452.com is a cloud mining firm incorporated in England. Although they claim to be registered with the Uk financial conduct authority. It is not clear when they were established.

Furthermore, they claim to be a leading cryptocurrency platform. Whose mission is to make gaining profit from cloud mining easy and swift. 9452.com provides ultimate performance at low cost.
They also provide their services to users from across the world. Their customer base cuts across 100+ countries.
This is because they have a multilingual feature.
9452.com has up to 20+ payment methods. Making it easy for users to complete their payment. From anywhere across the world.

9452.com cloud mining mines over 10 cryptocurrencies. Thereby providing wide range of options for their numerous users.

How 9452.com works:

Firstly, you have to create an account. New users are rewarded with $20 to $50 on registration. Afterwards, you can choose any plan of your choice to start mining. However, mining starts automatically. It starts after you’ve purchased a plan. Hence it literally starts with no other action required by you. You also start getting your mining output immediately. And this goes directly into your designated wallet.

In other words, you just have to create an account. And start your mining immediately.

9452.com returns and withdrawal review:

Cloud mining returns highly depends on the price of the particular cryptocurrency you’re mining. And this can’t be predicted.
However, 9452.com automatically calculates the daily average returns. Based on the particular mining plan you purchased. Therefore, the return doesn’t change.
Although customers gain profits daily, it cannot be withdrawn. Until it gets to a certain amount. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.00068btc.
However, this is to avoid users paying excessive fees. For small amounts in their accounts

Also, for every withdrawal, 9452.com will charge 0.0005btc. As a block transaction fee. However, this platforms withdrawal fees is not always the same. It fluctuates a lot and this might be a shortcoming for them.


FREE: In this account The minimum deposit is $0 / 120 Day. However the hardware is Antminer S19j and with hashrate up to1.196 TH/s. It Include Maintenance Fee and Electricity Fee
Payment method: Credit Card or Cryptocurrency. The revenue is in 24h : 0.0000049 BTC. 5000/1756(35.12%)

EXPERIENCE: This 9452.com account is a beginner account and comes with $1 / 3 Day. Hardware is Antminer S19j and hashrate is up to 3.57 TH/s this Include Maintenance Fee and Electricity Fee. However the Payment method are Credit Card or Cryptocurrency. The revenue is in 24h and up to 0.000016 BTC. 2000/909(45.45%)

ECONOMY: This plan has a minimum deposit of $22 / 1 Day. The hardware is Antminer S19j with hashrat up to 166.035 TH/s. These include Maintenance Fee and Electricity Fee. Payment method are Credit Card or Cryptocurrency revenue 24h and up to 0.00068 BTC. 1000/540(54%)

BASIC: This plan equally have a minimum deposit of $118 / 15 Day. Hardware and Antminer S19j and Hashrat is 95.962 TH/s, however this include maintenance fee and electricity fee. The payment method are Credit Card or Cryptocurrency, the revenue 24h 0.00043 BTC. Next Quota Perio is 18:08:46 and 500/500(100%)

ADVANCED: This 9452.com mining plan comes with minimum deposit of $258 / 30 Day. Hardware available is Antminer S19j
Hashrate is 127.222 TH/s however Include Maintenance Fee and Electricity Fee. The
payment method are Credit Card or Cryptocurrency and Revenue is 24h with 0.00057 BTC. Next Quota Period:18:08:46 plus 300/300(100%).


PROFESSIONAL: This is a good plan with minimum deposit of $788 / 90 Day. However the hardware is antminer S19j and hashrate is 218.734 TH/s.
This service Include Maintenance Fee and Electricity Fee, the payment method are Credit Card or Cryptocurrency. Revenue 24h with 0.00098 BTC. The Next Quota Period is 18:08:46 with 100/100(100%)

INVESTOR: This account cover minimum deposit of $1688 / 150 Day. More-so, Hardware is Antminer S19j. Hashrate is 424.075 TH/s
Include Maintenance Fee and Electricity Fee. The Payment methods are Credit Card or Cryptocurrency with Revenue 24h of 0.0019 BTC. The Next Quota Period is 18:08:46 and 50/50(100%).

SUPREME: The minimum deposit is $2988 / 210 Day. Hardware is Antminer S19j with
Hashrate up to 781.149 TH/s. However it Includes Maintenance Fee and Electricity Fee. The Payment method Credit Card or Cryptocurrency Revenue 24h with 0.0035 BTC. The Next Quota Period is 18:08:46 and 10/10(100%)

9452.com customer support and security

9452.com mining offers a 24/7 customer support. Thus, they are always ready to attend to their customers via mail. You can also contact them via their support ticket.
In fact, their team of expert are always a mail away. So when you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.
They don’t have a livechat which is a shortcoming. A good cloud mining platform should have a live chat system. Thus, this is why we have always recommended minehashes.com. Especially for beginners who will always need to be attended to 24/7.

Is 9452.com legit?

From our research, we cant say 9452.com Review is not legit. But we can’t outrightly say they are legit either.
Firstly, it’s not clear as to their year of establishment. And we are yet to see a valid testimony from am renowned customer.

Therefore, if we are to take sides. We will conclude that this mining platform is not legit.
The is because their rewards are outrageous. Thus too good to be true. Cloud mining firms can hold themselves out to be legit. But this doesn’t mean they are legit.

Moreover, a fluctuating withdrawal fee is not a sign of a legitimate platform. Legit cloud mining firms like minehashes have a fixed withdrawal fee. And that should be according to the plan an individual invested in.


We will like to conclude this 9452.com review. By telling customers to give this platform some more time before investing. Especially beginner who we urge to try out a firm like 8000bt.com or minehashes. These are more recommendable by us because they have been tested and trusted as well.
It’s not news that so many cloud mining firms hold themselves out to be legit these days. But in fact when users make a deposit, that’s the end of it.

However, if a users insists on investing with 9452.com. We urge such persons to invest the little they can afford to lose.
We also urge users to read other reviews by us to be more informed. Read our kikomining and Sazmining review.


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