cloud mining review: What is meatec bitcoin mining? Is meatec mining legit? How can I start mining with

Our aim of writing this review is to help users answer their questions. And also guide them to invest with good cloud miners.

Although, cloud mining is a good way to make passive income. We urge users to be careful. To avoid losing their hard earned money by investing in the wrong platform. The only way to learn more about these platforms before investing. Is by reading our reviews. Therefore, users should read our review. By the end of this review. Users will have more insights on the best cloud mining platform to mine with.

The background review of and brief intro:

A cloud mining developed in Siberia since 2017. Also have a company located in Georgia. Which was developed from 2019. Formed by a group well diversified from across the world. Accordingly, their team of experts make the most of their renewable hydro power bitcoin. Meatec cloud mining is a hosting company. For mining hardware such as ASIC’s and GPU’s.

However, meatec bitcoin mining aim to make mining easy for customers. By providing mining machines. And good mining conditions via sustainable abundant energy. Therefore, with meatec mining you don’t have to do anything. But watch your profit grow and added to your daily returns.

How does mining work?

You can either order a miner online. Make payment through crypto or directly transfer money to them. And start receiving your earnings directly in your wallet. After the machines have been installed. Or if you already have a machine. You can send it to them. The contract starts immediately. And you start seeing your profit after the third day.

However, you will only be able to withdraw after the locked period is over. But the payout can take up to 48 hours. Also, users contract ends when they withdraw their entire capital.

Additionally, meatec has a charge up your balance feature. Which enable users charge up their USDT balance in their dashboard. Moreover, the balance can be used to pay for some services. Which includes, electricity, repair invoices, buy products. For instance cloud mining. However you will charged some fees for using this charge up service.

Meatec bitcoin mining also has a provision for affiliate program. Where users can earn more by referring other users. Through their peculiar referral code. However, For cloud mining, the referrer gets 3% of the new users invested amount. Which goes directly to their balance. While for collocation mining, the referrer gains 1% of the mining power of the referred person. cloud mining plans bitcoin mining has two plans which includes:

Firstly, a 720 day plan. Which ranges from $85.90. This plan has a zero maintenance fee. With an available hash rate of 296.96 TH/s.

And secondly, a 360 day plan. Which ranges from $42.95. This plan also has a zero handling fee. With an available hash rate of 294.48 TH/s.

Accordingly, both plans has a profit calculated. To help users know exactly the return to expect. bitcoin mining Customer support

Users can contact meatec mining support service via email. Their office works from 8:00 till 18:00 (CET +2). However, meatec mining does not have a livechat system. Which is preferable for easy interaction with customers.
But regardless, users can contact them 24/7 via mail.

Is mining legit?

Throughout our research, we couldn’t certify this platform to be legit. This is because they have some shortcomings. Some of their services sound too good to be true. They have zero maintenance fee. Which is a bit unusual for this kind of platform. They also have two plans which is not quite comprehensive. When compared to other cloud mining platforms. Which has a variety and comprehensive plans.


In conclusion to our mining review, we urge users not to invest with them.
However, interested users should only invest the little they can afford to lose. We do not trust this platform. Some of their features do not sit well with us. We advise prospective users especially beginners. To go for a more trusted cloud mining firm.

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