Zeus mining review: Is Zeus mining legit? What should users expect from Zeus cloud mining?
Find out all about Zeusmining by reading this Zeus mining review.

Cloud mining is not affected by the price of cryptocurrency. And this is a good thing.
Therefore, it’s not a seasonal market. As long as you buy a hash rate from a good mining platform. You are legible to make good passive income.

However, most users from across the world are ignorant. About this fast growing cryptocurrency cloud mining market. And this forms the basis for our reviews.
We aim at making cloud mining a safe space for users across the world. By keeping them informed about different cloud mining platforms and services.
Accordingly, our reviews aim to educate users. And point out the best cloud mining companies to them.
Therefore, endeavor to read our reviews for more informations.

Zeus mining

What is Zeus mining all about:

Zeus mining is a cloud mining platform launched in 2018. And have been in operation ever since. It’s located at 8 St Jame’s Square, London. They claim to be trusted by about 70,000 bitcoin miners across the world.

Also, Zeus mining has a mission. And that is to make bitcoin mining reliable and secure. For every user from across the world. As a result, Zeus bitcoin mining offer free bitcoin mining opportunity to beginners. This is to gain their confidence. Before interested users can upgrade to their premium bitcoin mining plans.

However, this is a distinguishing feature. For users to be able to test this platform. Before deciding to trust them with their hard earned money.

They also have another distinguishing. However, with Zeus cloud mining. Users earn profit every hour. And enjoy the privilege. To instantly withdraw same to their respective wallets. More so, users can withdraw their first mined coins within 24 hours.

How does it work?

Before mining, you have to register an account. You do this with your bitcoin wallet address. Afterwards, you choose a hash power. You can start with their free mining plans. Then upgrade to premium for more profit. Your mining starts immediately. And you will see live bitcoin mining. Your profits starts accumulating immediately and also due for withdrawal.

Looking at Zeus bitcoin mining different features:

With Zeus cloud mining, your account and bitcoin is secure. This is achieved by their advanced security features.
However, your personal information is only disclosed to third parties. Under certain circumstances. For instance, to comply with legal requirements. Or to protect Zeus mining rights and property. Also to protect the safety of other customers. Or for public safety in general.

Moreover, users enjoy monopoly on their accounts. Thus, nobody else can access these accounts except them. However, users are urged to keep their account details private. And also to create strong passwords for their individual accounts.

Additionally, Zeus bitcoin mining has servers located worldwide. Thus, their open to users from across the world. In other words, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. You can access Zeus mining from the comfort of your home and your pc. Moreover, they also have a team of professionals. Who dedicate their time towards giving customers the best cloud mining experience. Thus, their servers worldwide are up and running 24/7.

Zeus cloud mining also make use of advanced bitcoin mining machines. They have up to date hardwares. For instance, ASIC Miner and mining rigs. To provide a swift bitcoin mining for customers. In a cost effective manner.

Furthermore, as earlier mentioned above, users can withdraw instantly. Without any delays. However, you have to reach their minimum payment threshold. Which cannot be ascertained through the course of our Zeus mining review. However, for the premium plan, their is minimum payout. Thus users can withdraw any amount instantly.

Zeus mining maintenance review:

With Zeus mining, mining starts immediately you add your wallet address. And also, when you upgrade your account. Mining starts immediately your payment is confirmed. Thus, in all your transactions, Zeus mining has low or no maintenance fee. For instance, the premium plan has not maintenance fee. And also no commission. Everything is transparent to the prospective user. But users are required to pay electricity fees.

Zeus-Mining Plans

Choose your cloud mining servers

Starter: This is the beginner plan however it comes with Price: 0.0003 btc. The daily mining is 0.00002 (0.4$) and monthly mining: 0.0006 (12.2$). The contract duration last for 1 Year.

Economy: This account plan offer 9% on purchase and that makes the cost price 0.005 BTC. However the daily mining return is 0.000357BTC (7.3$). While monthly mining: 0.01071 (217.9$) return and contract duration last 1 Year.

Standard: On this plan you get 20% OFF! the main price this is the most Popular.
Therefore the price is 0.025 BTC with no discount but 0.02btc on discount.
Daily mining profit is 0.001496btc (30.4$)
and monthly mining return is 0.04488btc (913.1$). Moreover this contract duration last for 1 Year

Advanced: Zeus-Mining offer Advanced plan. This is a good mining plan with the price 0.0455btc after 30% discount. However the daily mining profit is 0.0055 (111.9$) and Monthly mining is 0.165 (3,357.0$). Please this Contract duration is 1 Year

Professional: This is equally a good mining package. It comes with 40% discount and is recommended by the company. The price is 0.25 BTC but at discount of 0.15btc
However, with daily mining profit 0.017 (345.9$) and onthly mining of 0.51 (10,376.2$). This contract duration ladt for 1 Year

Investor: This is the highest plan on this account types. It comes with 50% OFF on the price 0.714 BTC. Therefore you pay 0.357 BTC and get daily mining profit of 0.045 (915.6$). While monthly mining package is 1.35 (27,466.5$) and contract duration is 1 Year1

Customer Support

Zeus-Mining Customer support is very important in every business. More-so it shows if a platform is legit or just scam. While we try to comfirm this we could not find a support service agent on the platform. There’s no livechat and no phone number to contact them. To contact them, you must visit the official website and use contact information. Support@Zeus-Mining.com
8 St James’s Square, London, SW1Y 4JU, GBR. Thus this address is not correct and if at all, there won’t be any off where you can find them.

Is Zeus mining legit?

Checking this platform, we think Zeus mining is not legit. This is due to some shortcomings we noticed. While doing out research on this platform.
During the course of our review. We found out their site is substandard. Their quality is a poor one. And this kind of platform might turn out to be the opposite of all they have promised to be.

Moreover, their lack of a good customer support system. Also suggests that this platform is not legit.
We urge users to compare them with good mining sites.
This way, it will be clearer that they are not a legit mining platform. Users may not be able to reach out to them after they have made a deposit. Or they might pay you out for the first few times. Then subsequently withhold your money.

We are also not convinced about the year Zeus mining was established. And their permanent location.
Thus, we are not convinced Zeus mining is legit. Users can invest with them at their own detriment. Or choose to invest with a good mining platform.


We want to conclude this Zeus mining review. By telling users to give them some time before buying a hash power.
Therefore, it’s better think twice before investing with them. Or invest the little you can afford to lose. There are better cloud miners than Zeus mining. Throughout this review, we were not totally convinced about Zeus mining services. We think they can do better. And in fact users deserve a smoother mining experience.
Read meatec.io review by us for more insight. On the best mining platforms.

Zeus mining
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